For example, under the name of another character, you can train, give each other the necessary cards if both accounts are in the same clan, or spend more time-fighting. At the same time, chests open on another tab and gain experience.

Clash Royale accounts do not limit you to a single profile from an Android device.

What do I have to do?

Before creating a new character, we enter the game, and in the settings, we link it to the first account if it still needs to be connected.

Next, we create a new user in Google. Via the phone settings in the "accounts" tab, add a user, and there are two options to create a new one or add an existing one.

The easiest way is to create a new account in advance at and add it through your phone settings. The advantage of this option is that you will not be asked to enter your mobile number to verify your profile.

Then go to Clash Royale for PC and then tap on options. We see the inscription that you are logged in to Google Play (see the screen above), log out, and then log back in; you will be asked which account you want to log in with.

We select the newly created profile, and the message "do you want to log in? The progress of the current registration will be lost" appears; do not hesitate to click on "Yes", and you will connect under another name.

To return to the first profile, we repeat the same thing: go to the settings, log out of Google Play and log back in by choosing the first account. That's all; this way, you can connect any number of users you need; the only thing is that each requires a new registration in Google.

Sometimes the app may not connect to the second account and show you your first page. To do this, go to the phone options in the applications section, find the game and clear the cache. We start, the game will begin again, and now we perform all the steps above.